Our “Painters Package” is just that, get help painting a room or two, or 10… We will come prepared to paint, ladder, brushes, rollers, floor coverings, and supplies.

JUST bring the paint.

Let us know how many hours you’ll need us for. *As an example an 1100 square foot 3 bedroom 1 bathroom ranch will take roughly 8 – 10 hours for 2 painters.

Price includes one painter.


    What you CAN use this package for:

    • Painting (if exterior please let us know prior to our arrival)
    • Staining (Please let us know we will be staining in your project notes)
    • Small drywall fixes like holes from a nail. (No larger than a dime)

    What you CAN NOT use this package for:

    • Ceiling texturing
    • Paint texturing
    • Deck repairs
    • Repairing sheetrock, tape, spackling, sanding
    • General carpentry
    • Hanging blinds, curtains
    • Fixing leaky sinks or faucets
    • Installing light fixtures
    • Installing toilets, sinks, faucets
    • Hanging drywall (materials must be available on the job before our arrival)
    • Start to finish remodeling anything… (remodeling requires more thought and time than what is allowed in this package)
    • Start to finish new floor installation
    • Electrical work that requires a licensed electrician
    • Plumbing work that requires a licensed plumber
    • Supporting wall remodeling

    Important Notes:
    Keep in mind 1 hour is not enough time to paint a house, or even 2 rooms if the rooms are large. If you have high ceilings (above 8 feet) things take a little longer as well.

    An 1100 square foot 3 bedroom 1 bathroom ranch will take roughly 8 – 10 hours for 2 painters.

    Our 1 hour is calculated and starts 10 minutes after we have arrived and ends when we leave the driveway. If you are unsure that your hours selection isn’t quite enough, give us a call, or chat us below and we can assist you in your purchase. 



    • All materials will be in addition to “Painters Package” price.
    • If you need our assistance determining what materials are needed and would like our assistance purchasing such materials, our time spent to include driving to, purchasing, and driving from any supplier will deduct time from the 8 hours allowed for this package. We recommend discussing your needs in advance of our arrival as we may be able to purchase and arrive with the appropriate materials.
    • We recommend preparing the area you need our help with by clearing furniture, pictures, delicates(nicknacks), clutter, or anything that would slow down our progress or ability to perform our work. We can assist with moving items however we will require the signature on a hold harmless document as we will not be held responsible/liable for damaged or broken items.
    • Any work that requires a licensed plumber or electrician is not applicable under this package. If we arrive and you have tasks or projects that require a licensed electrician or plumber they will not be started or completed.
    • All purchases are final, if you need to cancel your appointment we require 24 hours notice and you will incur a 10% cancelation fee that will be deducted from the refund amount. If you require a cancelation with less than 24 hours notice you will be refunded 50% of your charged amount.
    • If we arrive and you are not home, work can not start for any reason you will be be charged the full amount for this package.