Basement Remodeling Connecticut

Budget, Type & Timeframe

  1. Budget… You should know what your minimum and maximum budget ranges are before you get an estimate. Knowing this will help you get what you need faster without all the back and forth. For us a general budget range will help us understand what types of materials, layout, flooring, lighting, etc… can and should fit within your desired range.
  2. Type… There are a few different types of remodeling, Complete, Partial, Refresh.
    1. Complete remodels in most cases include layout changes as well as taking the walls ceilings and floors down to the studs and rebuilding a completely new layout and finishing. This type of remodel requires a permit* and is an all encompassing project.
    2. Partial remodels may include slight modifications to walls ceilings or floors but do not require the removal of all walls ceilings and floors. In most cases it is new lighting, ceiling, flooring, painting, etc… while maintaining the layout and most of the walls. Not usually requiring a permit* and covers most all aspects of a new space.
    3. A Refresh is much less intensive. Usually it includes new flooring, drywall repairs and painting. Most likely does not have permitting* but is at the discretion and responsibility of the homeowner.
  3. Timeframe… It’s not going to happen in a week. Make sure you give enough lead time when starting your process. Most professionals in the industry have a few weeks lead time on new projects so start your process early and get scheduled.

The biggest factor from these points impacting the type of basement remodel you choose in and around Connecticut will be your budget. Knowing what you can spend ahead of time is important, otherwise you are going to get an estimate that does not meet your financial requirements or an estimate that does not meet your aesthetic needs. When receiving estimates in and around north west Connecticut, you will find that there is vast difference in pricing for the different types of basement remodels and different remodeling professionals. Large remodeling companies will have higher pricing as you would expect because they have more overhead, employees, etc… Conversely very small individual remodelers will have the lowest pricing in most cases due to the opposite factors. Finding the right blend of capability, labor resources, quality and pricing is a difficult feat as a home owner and can be overwhelming. 


At Bee’s Contracting & Remodeling, we feel our size, capability and quality of work is the perfect blend. We may be a bit biased, but we don’t take on more than we are capable of or that we have resources for. We do not have extreme markup on materials and in fact, in some cases we will create the materials order and allow the homeowner to pay for the materials directly from the retailer allowing our clients to lower their basement remodeling costs. Materials pricing can be very volatile and change from month to month so by providing that type of transparency our clients understand the true costs of items purchased to complete their bathroom remodeling project.

Our Promise To You… We will be fair, we will be transparent, we will be professional, we will be safe. You’r experience with us is the most important factor throughout your entire basement refinishing, making sure we understand your expectations and exceed them. We communicate the status of your project daily, keeping you in the loop on progress and lowering the overall stress level of your bathroom renovation.

Always Free Estimate – Financing Available – Professional, Safe & Communicative

*CT Department of Consumer Protection: