We understand…

Its a really weird time, people are home, working, distance learning, not working lol… Either way we are all comfortable with our environments in our own way. We truly care about the way you would like us to service you as it relates to the rising concerns of our on going health crisis.

Here is what we can guarantee:

  1. We will always wear a mask inside of your home.
  2. We will provide a no contact service if you require. This means if you would prefer to be out of your house while we are there it can be arranged.
  3. We will wipe down all surfaces we come into contact with.
  4. We can wear booties or shoe coverings if you require.
  5. We will conduct a temperature check of persons in the household and ourselves upon arrival.
  6. We can wear gloves if you require.

Our safety, yours and ours, is of utmost importance to us. We do not want to be a point of anxiety or fear and will work with you in the capacity you require.

When submitting a work order or package purchase please do outline any requirements you may have and we will make sure to come prepared to meet and exceed your expectations.

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